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What Is Exit Planning?

Every business owner will leave their business – someday, one way or another. This reality raises a lot of questions:

  • Timing: When is the right time to exit?
  • Value: How much is the business really worth?
  • Money: How much do you need after you exit? Do you know? Will the business provide it?
  • Who: Who will buy it or take it over? The kids? Management? A 3rd party buyer?
  • How: How will you get paid? Up front? Over time?
  • Employees: Will they stay or leave?
  • Taxes: How do you avoid paying too much in taxes?
  • What: What will you do after leaving the business?
  • Security: What does it take to make sure it all works out, so you and your family are all taken care of?

Exit Planning puts you, the owner, in control of your future by addressing all of these questions and more besides.

Why Is Exit Planning Important?

Today’s environment makes exit planning more critical than ever. Watch this quick 4 min video so you understand why.

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The 5 Vital Keys to A Winning Exit Plan

Get a 1 page checklist of the key areas to think about when planning your exit.

Assessment –
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About Us…

NW Exit Planning belongs to a network of Business Professionals who co-ordinate their experience to provide you, the owners of small and medium sized businesses, with the expertise and resources to successfully plan and execute your business exit.

We want all of our clients to be highly satisfied. We believe it is critical that we can provide credible, un-biased services for our clients. We do not sell products, we do not manage money and we do not work on commission. If we believe we are not right for you, we will say so and do our best to refer you to other resources. And above all, we promise complete confidentiality with all of our engagements.

Regardless of the path, the transfer of your business is likely to be the most complex, challenging and important transaction of your life.

We provide expertise, frameworks and resources to help you, the owner, win the end game of business:

The Exit.