Quality of Earnings Part 3: Cash Flow

Quality of Earnings Part 3: Cash Flow In the past few weeks we’ve discussed how quality of earnings audits look at your income and expenses, and their impact on company value. Since Revenue less Expenses equals Profit (P=R-E), you could be forgiven for thinking that we have picked apart your earnings as much as possible. … [VIEW POST]

Quality of Earnings Part 2: HIdden Expenses

Quality of Earnings Part 2: Hidden Expenses A few years ago I worked with a client who owned a wholesale distribution business. He presented his financial statements to me to determine the practicality of obtaining third-party financing for an employee buyout. His recast statements showed over 10% free cash flow after owner compensation. That’s a … [VIEW POST]

Exit Planning: Telling Secrets

exit planning: telling secrets Planning your exit from a business is a process of telling secrets. For many owners, it is the most terrifying part of selling. A rancher in South Texas once said to me, “I’m going to tell you a secret, and you have to solemnly swear not to tell anyone. When you … [VIEW POST]